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Giving trees

An Indian village plants 111 trees every time a girl is born

By Purvi Thacker on March 22, 2015

A village in Rajasthan has created an eco-conscious tradition whereby the whole community comes together and plants 111 fruit trees to honor every newborn female child. India is a country where gender inequality and women’s rights are at the forefront of social conversation, so this is a welcome change. Not only does this initiative strive to save the girl child and the environment at the same time, but it’s helping to set a precedent for eco-feminism and empowerment in India. The trees are tended to, attaining fruition as the girl grows up and the village residents also collect money to make into a 20-year fixed deposit for the girl. The parents of the girl are also bound by a signed affidavit stating that their daughter will be educated and only married off at a legal age, once the trees planted post her birth have been properly looked after.

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