Contraceptive complications

Access to free birth control is not as easy as you think

Doug Mills/The New York Times

The Affordable Care Act mandated that insurance companies must cover all forms of contraception that are approved by the FDA, at no cost to women. But it’s also legal for women to be charged for birth control because health care companies are allowed to dictate how one actually accesses the care, even if it conflicts with the original intent of Obamacare. This is because the law lets insurance plans decide “how they provide this coverage for their members,” which essentially means: If your employer provides you with 100 percent coverage for contraceptive medications, it’s only applicable if those medications are filled through or dispensed through the plan’s home delivery pharmacy. For many women, this is worrisome, simply because having contraceptive packages delivered is not only risky in terms of theft, but also poses a problem for minors living with parents or women embroiled in abusive relationships.

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