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Twitter is not convinced that Penn State frat’s photos of nude women were “satire”


Penn State’s chapter of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity has come under fire for posting photos of naked women who appear to be unconscious. The photos were published on a private Facebook page with the nauseating title “Covert Business Transactions,” which was later changed to “2.0.” when the page was discovered and shut down.

The chapter has been suspended, the Police Department may be launching a criminal investigation, and the incident has erupted into a full-blown media scandal. But one woefully oblivious frat member wants everyone to just CHILL OUT about the whole thing because the photos were satire, obviously. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, the unnamed bro lambasted the media for coverage that could “ruin people’s lives and unjustly ruin reputations” (the irony just hurts). He then went on to explain why the photos were satirical—a claim that he made with complete conviction even though he insisted on maintaining his anonymity:

Philly Mag: You said the page was funny. What was funny about it?

KDR member: It’s not funny. Funny’s not always the right word. It’s satire. There’s a certain stereotypical Greek life culture and, as you see in movies, people try to live up to that and people try to kind of incorporate those elements, but it’s like, you know what Snapchat is?

Philly Mag: Yes.

KDR member: Yeah, like you get a Snapchat, and people send like raunchy Snapchats all the time. … It’s not a malicious type of thing …It’s like, yeah, girls pass out or fallasleep all the time and somebody takes a Snapchat or picture and, like, it’s not that it’s funny. But it’s just satire.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, is having a field day with the absurdity of the frat member’s interview. Here are some of the best reactions to his comments:

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