Lindsey Vonn keeps winning in France

Doug Mills/The New York Times

After a tough stretch, American skiing champion Lindsey Vonn is making a comeback. Though she’s out of the running for the top title at the World Cup finals in France, she’s still logging wins: On Wednesday, she took first place in the downhill race, and on Friday she overtook Olympic champion Anna Feninger to come in first in another speed event, the “super giant slalom.” Knee injuries kept Vonn out of the 2014 Winter Olympics and have continued to interfere with her training. “I didn’t have a chance to get in a lot of training because of my injuries,” she told CNN. But even at the elite level, athletics are as much about the mind as the body: Vonn credits her rivalry with Feninger for spurring her on to victory today. “Anna put a lot of pressure on me,” she said. “I knew she was leading when I was at the top and I just skied as hard as I could.”

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