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College freshman booted from class for annoying opinions on rape

Dylan Wilson/The New York Times

According to his Facebook page, Reed College student Jeremiah True is majoring in “How to Annoy People” — and True deserves an A-plus because he’s incited a national controversy. The professor of his 100-level humanities class banned the 19-year-old from the seminar after True refused to stop stating his opinion that “rape culture” doesn’t exist, and his repeated questioning of the statistic that one in five college women experiences sexual assault. “The entire conference without exception, men as well as women, feel that your presence makes them uncomfortable enough that they would rather not be there if you are there, and they have said that things you have said in our conference have made them so upset that they have difficulty concentrating in other classes,” the professor wrote in an email. True apparently relishes playing the contrarian as he’s reportedly clashed with fellow students over minute details of ancient Greek and Roman culture. Now, he’s ancient history in his humanities class.

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