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DC Comics pulls ‘misogynistic’ Batgirl cover

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The cover of a forthcoming Batgirl issue has been pulled at the request of the artist after a flurry of online protests. Distressed fans they took to Twitter with the hashtag #ChangeTheCover, protesting what they saw as a disturbing, misogynistic image, depicting violence against one of DC’s most popular female characters. The cover shows a fearful Batgirl, tears in her eyes, while a grinning Joker holds a gun and draws a bloody grin across her face. It was intended to be an homage to a 1988 Alan Moore story “The Killing Joke” in which The Joker attacked, and probably sexually assaulted Batgirl. Meanwhile, an online counter-movement called to #SaveTheCover emerged with the people behind it arguing that pulling the cover amounts to censorship. Batgirl’s artist Cameron Stewart denied such claims saying “the cover was not seen or approved by anyone on Team Batgirl and was completely at odds with what we are doing with the comic. So, we have the creators of the book and the artist himself all agreeing that the cover was inappropriate. There’s no ‘censorship’ here.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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