Facebook faux pas

Frat suspended after it posts photos of naked, sleeping girls

More young men in college fraternities have allegedly been caught behaving badly. The Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State University was suspended after police discovered a private Facebook page where members had posted offensive photos of partially nude sleeping girls. According to a search warrant, several of the accused had shared the photos online, hosted on two private pages that featured photos of drug sales, hazing and unsuspecting women who appear to be passed out or sleeping and were partially naked. A first page, titled “Covert Business Transactions,” was closed down after a victim allegedly stumbled upon it, but it was later replaced with a “2.0” page, which consisted of nearly 150 members, including current students and alumni. Police found about 20 photos as evidence and they have teamed up to further review the issue with Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct and Interfraternity Council.

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