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Bud Light slammed for awful St. Patrick’s Day tweet

Bud Light Offensive Tweet

Green clothes, green beer, green vomit that follows the green beer—what’s not to love about St. Patrick’s Day? Adding a touch of class to an already illustrious occasion, Bud Light decided to send this celebratory tweet out into the world:

“On St. Patrick’s day you can pinch people who don’t wear green. You can also pinch people who aren’t #UpForWhatever.”

“Wait a minute,” you’re probably be thinking to yourself. “It sounds like Bud Light is promoting the harassment of women who are a bit discerning with their sexual favors! And that photo certainly isn’t helping matters any!” The tweet did indeed spark an outcry on Twitter, with some users (sarcastically) applying the hashtag to posts about sexual assault. Bud Light quickly deleted the tweet, but not before it was shared, screen shot-ed and preserved for all eternity as a mark of the company’s shame. Happy St. Paddy’s day, everyone. Stay safe and keep your pinches to yourself.

Read the full story at Slate.

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