Historial mapping

An app that is putting women on the map-quite literally!

From Women on the Map - SPARK Movement & Field Trip/CC-BY-SA 4.0.

A non-profit, SPARK has paired up with Google to device an app that alerts you every time you approach a place where a woman made history. After noticing that Google doodle’s feature women only 17% of the time, SPARK is now actively researching attention- worthy women through a mapping project powered by Google’s Field app. A user can now log into the Field app and be notified and alerted when they approach a particular location where a notable woman made history at a point in time. A work in progress, the app allows users to also learn about her background and achievements. Most importantly, this movement by SPARK has been spearheaded by girls for girls ages 13-22 who hope to educate themselves and become role models for a future generation.

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