More women, fewer problems

A more gender-balanced workforce is happier, more productive

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Could women be the key to solving the ongoing economic malaise in Europe? Some experts seem to think so. They argued during the UN 59th Commission on the Status of Women that having a more equal mix of men and women in the workplace boosts both job satisfaction and performance. Asa Lofstrom, a professor at Sweden’s Umea School of Business and Economics, presented research that said that EU countries could boost their GDP by 2 percent to 20 percent if its labor market were gender-balanced. Greater balance, they say, would reduce poverty among women and children and increase economic independence for both sexes. On top of that, Katrin Olafsdottir, a professor at Iceland’s Reykjavik University, found that women and men feel better and perform better when they are working together. The challenge is to attract more women to the workforce – and keep them there.

Read the full story at Business Insider.

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