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When Madge speaks, everyone listens

Material Girl

Madonna: “Women are the last great frontier”

By Andrew Tavani on March 12, 2015

In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Madonna claimed that “women are still the most marginalized group in society,” adding that they have failed to make the same progress as gay people and African-Americans and are still “trading on their ass.” Her comments will remind many of the recent controversy with Patricia Arquette, who was criticized for being blind to the experience of non-white and non-straight women, after making similar claims in a post-Oscar interview. Madge went on to talk about her love for the gay community, saying she felt “gay men understood her.” She criticized the fact that women are still expected to behave in certain ways, and often fail to earn recognition for their artistic ideas. Madonna’s new album, ‘Rebel Heart,’ was released last week, so ya know, now’s a good time to make controversial statements.

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