Organizations at our LA Salon

The Parents Circle Forum
Parents Circle – Families Forum is a group of over 600 Israeli and Palestinian families who’ve lost a loved one to the conflict. Together, they work to transform their pain into a catalyst for peace and reconciliation.

Cardborigami Toyota Mothers of Invention
We provide immediate, portable, recycle-able shelters while helping to place people into permanent homes through partner homeless aid organizations.

10KSA is a breast cancer awareness initiative within Saudi Arabia and a global effort to encourage breast cancer prevention, treatment and education.

India’s Daughter
India’s Daughter, a heartwrenching documentary on the horrific rape and killing of young medical student ‘Jyoti Singh’ by Film-maker Leslee Udwin

Get Lit-Words Ignite
Changing teen literacy rates and transforming LA’s arts scene into a grassroots wonderland, one teen poet at a time.

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